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Friday, September 25, 2020; Publisher Review 2020 (Earning without Ads)

AdSense is thought to be the most used Ad Monetising platforms arguably. And competitors such as;,Adsterra,Propellerads,Popads and others are trying to catch up. webbertips review.
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As more people go into Monetising their website some may receive a rebound of hard luck in getting approved with AdSense or maybe had gotten approved before and now your account is disabled. Well; there are other Ad platforms you could try and I just mentioned them up there. 

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But what if I tell you; you could earn without using any Ad network on your blog/website? Or even with the Ad network...well that would've been weird if I didn't have a solution to Earning from your blog/website without using AdSense or any other Ad platform.

This piece is going to be really short cos I wouldn't want to waste your time writing gibberish. is a platform that pays publishers for each article uploaded to their blog/website. is a platform that pays you for uploading a sponsored post on your website at an incredible rate per article.

They pay as much as $15 per article and you could also earn commissions refering other webmasters to join


To join you must own a website/blog which you'll be asked to verify on the process of signing up with would need you to add their email to your Google Analytics; these helps them inquire how much traffic your site gets monthly and would give you more chance of getting your site approved and ready to earn. 

Payment Methods: pays its publishers on the 8th to 14th of every month. And earnings are finalised and sent to your PayPal account. do not have a minimum/maximum payout so you could literally cashout at any point in time. 

Is Legit and Safe for my Blog/Website?

I totally understand it is your responsibility to protect and Safeguard your users and its also a priority for do not publish adult content and you have total control to block contents that are misleading to your viewers and it won't affect your earnings whatsover. 

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Is Content compatible with Adsense?

I understand how strict AdSense is with protecting their advertisers and making sure they get the best from their advert. And are optimistic to that point they'd never harm your site and you know, whats acceptable to your viewers would be acceptable to Adsense since they want total satisfaction for both parties. So yes, is compatible with Google AdSense.

Sign up here for and start earning. Join other webmasters that are already making good profit now....

Why should I signup for provides you with a totally free means of earning,which would fetch you even more money while using other Ad networks.

And with huge earnings is Guaranteed; of about 250$ Monthly or even More depending on the quality time you put to work. 

Join now and take advantage of


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