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Friday, September 18, 2020

How to unblock my website link(URL) on Facebook

So you just swipe through your notification and saw horrific messages from facebook to your support inbox telling you; your URL goes against their community standards...OMG what to do now!!

How to unblock my domain from facebook

Alright don't panic,Facebook bot detects and blocks spammy links that it thinks would alter user experience. Most times you can get you URL banned due to reports someone or some persons may have made to facebook concerning your URL,I used to own a sports site when i was still a newbie and each time i finish writing an article i share my links to several Facebook groups; matter of fact i made sure to share my links and even create new articles afterwards to share to Facebook and it kept on getting my URL blocked,which however I would pay someone to get it unblocked for me. I came to realise that Facebook bots would never block your URL if you share it one at a time and you take your time to give details of the link you're posting up on there.

So I started giving prior caption on my links before publishing them.

So before we go right to how to unblock your link on Facebook or how to unblock your link on your facebook page: allow me to throw more light on why your link got blocked on Facebook.

How to unblock my URL from Facebook
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Why is my link Blocked On Facebook

As part of making Facebook a conducive social platform for everyone Facebook take certain measures to endure orderliness in its platform and block out suspicious activities. And posting up website link consecutive without good reasons or responsiveness is part of their policy violations. Below are reasons your Website link may have been blocked on Facebook.
  • Naked links: most times people post things up on Facebook with naked links and some of thse links refer to not Good websites. Note that facebook would give you a preview of how your Link would look like when posted,which even if you clearl out the link the preview will still show giving you free space to write a caption and make it look neat.

  • Adult Contents: if there's any social platform Known for not condoning nudity then count Facebook first. If your website advertises or portrays any form of nudity you're likely to get your URL blocked. 

  • Posting too Often: I said earlier I used to own a sport blog,oh yea I meant it. I would just share my link randomly to everything sports group i'd joined in seconds and I would get restricted from posting or reacting for some couple of weeks then being unrestricted I'll go again. I advise you post your articles one at a time; take your time.

  • Post in the wrong place: Basically a sports blogger is supposed to share his articles to a sports group and a techblogger is supposed to share his/her articles to a tech group. Facebook have no concern with this; but the people in the group you're sharing your articles to care alot about having specific topic in their group. So how this gets your links banned I that your post would be reported to Facebook and as more people that report your article that higher the risk of your URL getting banned which would eventually happen.

  • Unsafe websites: Facebook not typically crawling your website to ensure the users you drive from Facebook are not referred to scam or typically unrelated website. So the safety of your website to your Users should be fixed cos Facebook would never tolerate misleading website on their platform.
There could be other reasons but this were the perfect reasons that could cause you to lose your Website link stance on Facebook. Now you should understand that as much as Search (Google) visits are ranked better; social platform are more capable to up your game and give you even more leads and readers.

Basically,maybe you could'nt keep your website link ban free and it got blocked on Facebook; here's how you could unblock your website URL on Facebook.

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Two methods that worked for me..

  1. Contact Facebook Business Conseige support

You are about to get your link unblocked...exciting isn't it. Well here's what you need to do cos contacting Facebook Business conseige support would require you to have an Ad ID,which would be confirmed by the Facebook Business support personnel before continuing with helping you. If you have an Ad ID then you're good to go.

Otherwise,you have to create an ad account with Facebook to get a Facebook Ad ID or check your Facebook Ad manager to copy your Ad ID.
Below is a short video on the steps you should take to contact Facebook Business conseige support.

 2. Contact Facebook through Email

Should incase you tried the first method and they where unavailable to have a chat with you. Don't panic,you'll be asked to write them a message through email stating your issues which will be properly handled.

Now that you've known how to unblock your domain from Facebook and probably done it already. Always keep your website links safe and avoid violating Facebook standards; otherwise you'll get blocked again which may be final. And here's a tip; verifying your Domain on Facebook Business Account could save you from ever getting blocked.

Hopefully I was able to help with this piece... Please leave a message if it was successful or drop a feedback on your experience. 

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