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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Adsterra Review: 2020 Adsterra Publisher Review

Adsterra was founded way back in 2013 in scotland and since then has increasing number of publishers and Advertisers. Roughly has over 8000 publishers. Adsterra are known for pop-unders and basically other native Ads and even Erotic Ads.

Webbertips Adsterra Review
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Yeah Erotic Ads; before we continue I'd like to give you the key points. This article would explain:
  • How to apply for Adsterra Account
  • Adsterra Ad formats
  • Adsterra requirements
  • Adsterra Payment Method
  • Overall Adsterra Review

How to apply for Adsterra Account

Adsterra Monetising account is very easy to create and relatively simple to setup.
You can easily create an Adsterra Account here ,once you've successfully created your account as a publisher; you'll be required to wait for approval which usually takes less than a day. Afterwards you can create the type of Ads you'd like.

Well,hold up! Adsterra have varying Ad format do you know that!!. Whether you know it or not allow me to outline the basic Ad formats Adsterra offers.

Adsterra Ad formats

Adsterra offer a variety of different ad formats in varying sizes.

  • Leaderboard display banners in 468×60, 728×90, and 320×50.
  • Rectangle display ads in 300×250 and 800×440.
  • Skyscraper vertical display banners in 160×300 or 160×600.
  • Pop-under ads that open in new tabs or new windows without stealing focus.
  • Direct link ads that show up in text and act like normal links.
  • Pre-roll video ads to display before embedded videos on a publisher site.
  • Push notification ads, available for both desktop and mobile platforms.
  • Interstitial ads that pop over the screen, similar to timed pop-over lightbox ads.b

Editors picks...

Majority of people go for their pop-unders since it brings more leads and generates more income and suits their website fine. So I recommend you go for their Pop-unders since it's relatively site suiting and would earn you more.

Adsterra offers cost per click-CPC,cost per Action-CPA and also Cost per Impression-CPM,So publishers can get earnings however they choose to;fascinating isn't it!

Though,their ad rates are kind of unequal pertaining to the type of niche you're into,so you could have a rather high rate for a cryto website and lower for a dating website.

Furthermore,we understand every Ad-Monetising company would have  requirements and Adsterra isn't an exception,as a means to offer their Advertisers the best Adsterra requires their Publishers to follow their Guidelines such as:

  • Publishers must have at least 5,000 impressions per month to be able to use pop-unders.
  • Publishers must have at least 50,000 impressions per month to be able to use display banners.
  • Invalid Traffic would not be tolerated.

Their policy also states you shouldn't have adult contents,but I don't think that should be a problem since they literally publish Erotic Ads on your website. I had a client whom complains Adsterra pop-unders redirect her viewers to pornographic websites and since then she had lost some of her visits. That's even after ticking out Erotic Ads. Well probably talking to one of their account manager could get rid of the Erotic Ads so it's no worries.

Webbertips Adsterra Review; Adsterra requirements
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Adsterra payment methods

Here's how you'll get paid via Adsterra.

First and foremost, the minimum payout for publishers is somewhat high for the industry. You have to earn $100 to get a payout for any payment method other than wire transfers. Wire transfers require a minimum of $1,000 in payout. This means that small sites might take a while to reach a payout, and that wire transfers aren’t effective for most sites at all. Wires also have a $50 fee. Bitcoin payments also have a minimal commission of .1%. Other payout methods may have small commissions as well, such as $1 per transaction for Paxum.

Example; Adsterra Payout

Payments are made automatically upon hitting the payment threshold, or every 15 days, whichever is later. This means unless you’re regularly able to hit the payment threshold every two weeks, you won’t be paid on a regular schedule. It can be a little inconsistent if you’re relying on that money for future investment.

Overall Adsterra Review 💡

Honestly, Adsterra could poised as threat to your viewers if their erotic Ads come up as a Pop-under Ad. Let's say you're able to avoid their Erotic Ads; how good is your traffic and at what rate can your niche offer cos Adsterra most times could give you CPC's from 0.005 or even lower. My Advice is; use Adsterra Pop-unders and then alternatively apply other Ad networks to place Native Ads or responsive Ad banners to earn you more money.

I hope this piece gave you clarity about Adsterra and hopefully offers in-depth to adjust in other to make earns meet. Please drop a comment if you have further questions.

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