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Monday, September 14, 2020

6 Tips on: how to increase my Twitter followers free

Twitter is arguably one of the top used social media in the world; had over 330million active users in 2019 and it can only keep growing with time.

Businesses take to Twitter as means to reach more people to showcase their products. Companies and firms still Advertise and promote their contents to reach more clients and possibly make more sales.

How to grow my Twitter followers fast free
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But having little or no amount of followers means you'll continue to boost your articles on Twitter without getting organic views.

Having more Twitter followers would engage you more and would make the platform even fun for you and also your business since you won't have to always boost your articles with advert before reaching a considerable amount of people.


The common way people get followers is by asking others to follow them thereafter they would follow back; but it's not a proper way to get more followers to your Twitter handle, because thereafter the person you followed could unfollow you. And it could also bring you redundant Twitter accounts,that will be potentially inactive.

How to grow my Twitter followers

  • Tweet regular:
Tweeting regularly increases your visibility,tweeting regularly shows you're always active and everyone would like to follow someone who's active and tweeting relevant things or posting up fascinating articles.

  • Comment Underneath Articles of Social Influencer
Basically social media Influencers are people that make any platform booming and also have huge number of followers; how this helps you get more followers is that whilst a social media Influencer post something up his/her fans are very fast to react and comment and they also take their time to see other people's views on that particular topic,So you could get good followers if anyone finds your comment interesting.

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  • Post visual content
Do you know! That visual contents are more likely to get engagement than just a scripted content? Well that's a rhetorical question.
Visual content draws more attention than just a write up; so uploading a picture that is captivating or possibly funny would gain you more followers if they find it interesting.
  • Create an inviting Profile
I once used a wack profile and it turned out I was losing followers than getting more. Creating an incredible profile would give you more followers: consider using a cute photo of you and then making something Unique about you; just add some kind of effizy to it.

How to grow my Twitter followers fast free
Image credit: BBC

  • Utilize Hashtags
Using trending hashtags is one of the best ways to attract followers; huge amount of people use trending topics or hashtags.

Hashtags show the most recent tweets on what is trending at the point in time and has huge number of engagements. So using a hashtag would bring out your visibility and give room for people to follow you.

  • Engage with Replies,Retweets and Tags 
Very much explanatory because replies makes you engage on an already created content. It will definitely increase your chances of getting more followers as far as you are frequent on replies and retweets and utilizing a trending Tag.

NOTE: Buying followers would only fetch you inactive and Fake account followers which could endanger your account. Buying followers is totally not recommend as your Twitter account would stand a chance of getting banned,so do it the right way and get active and engaging followers.

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