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Friday, September 11, 2020

Twitter Audit: How to check my account for fake followers

Twitter Audit Algorithm is built to analyze your entire followers and fetch out the fake ones,it will surprise you that 2.5k followers out of your 10k followers are probably fake; well,there's just one way to find out and that is using Twitter audit
Twitter audit
Image credit:IIA NIGERIA

However,before i show you how to audit your Twitter account; how about I emphasis on why there are even fake accounts and how the audit finds them out.

Twitter Audit Algorithm

Twitter audit algorithm synchronizes your account and fetches out redundant accounts or account that has been deactivated by Twitter. These accounts are now seen as invalid and not functional. People often create more than 1twitter account and when Twitter finds out they deactivate those accounts which are afterwards seen as fake accounts. So basically what Twitter Audit does is it syncs to your account to find these fake followers.

Simple ways to know a fake account: Fake accounts are often really easy to find.

  • Fake accounts has no profile setup: you could see the name but the profile usually not there.
  • No Profile picture or Stock images: you'd see a profile picture which doesn't relate to the person; they could use just any image or no image at all.
  • Most accounts are used for fraud,so basically you could see articles telling you to invest in a scheme and how trusted they think it is; don't buy it. It's a total Scam.
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Check my Twitter account audit
Image credit:IIA NIGERIA

How to Audit my Twitter account.

Twitter auditors online are really numerous; but its not all that give you a prior and accurate review of your account. So I totally recommend they'd review your account and give you an accurate number of real and fake followers. 

To check your Twitter audit fake followers report Go here...

Why you should audit your Twitter account

To ensure genuineness and avoid spamming Twitter with fake followers which is against their privacy policy. Twitteraudit let's you take action on the possible fake accounts following you up. Your account could get banned if Twitter finds out you are having more fake followers than real ones; which you're not suppose to have any fake ID.

Auditing your account would save you from possibly getting banned by Twitter.

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